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  • Pink shrimps Large, cooked and peeled, without preservatives – 500 gram € 9,95
    Good for lunch, appetizer, cocktail or just in between!
  • Dutch North Sea shrimps, cooked and peeled, without preservatives – 500 gram € 23,50
    Heaven on Earth!
  • Smoked Dutch eel Dupan – 100 gram € 6,50
    The Rolls Royce of eel!
  • Tzar Caviar Gold Label – 50 gram € 18,50
    Read all about why we have choosen for Tzar Caviar, button below!


it’s so easy, choose the amount of Fish you want to eat and leave the rest frozen. After thawing, do not refreeze!

  • Codfish Loin, without skin, 5 pcs – approx 1150 gram € 19,50
    The Loin, also known as the back portion, is the most beautiful piece of Codfish, high piece of boneless meat!
  • Norwegian Salmon fillet, without skin, 5 pcs – 1000 gram € 24,95
    Enjoy affordable top quality Salmon!
  • Tuna (filet), 5 pcs – 900 gram € 16,95
    Give yourself this Tuna sensation and look especially at our recipes!
  • Raw peeled shrimps, large, without head, 26/30 pcs – 800 gram € 16,75
    Perfect in the Thai soup, stir-fry or salad!

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Monday-Friday order fresh and frozen fish before 13.00 hrs, same day delivery.

Order after 13.00 hrs, delivery next day. Saturday order before 10.00 hrs, same day or on Sunday delivery.

Delivery charges € 7,50 free delivery over € 40,-

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