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What started out as a personal hobby turned into a company with a mission! The wish to find sustainable, healthy and varied food became a conviction that these, in combination with affordable and convenience are very much on par with good and nutritious meals. And above that, it’s becoming more and more clear that sustainable is no longer synonymous for expensive and that sustainable and tasteful are a pair.

At the beginning of our quest we hoped that cooking with all kinds of fish would prove to be easy, tasteful and nutritious. What we discovered is a surprising world where good quality does not mean expensive. We also found that tasteful and nutritious are the basics when you cook with fish. On top of that, cooking a fantastic meal turned out a lot easier than expected and being in the kitchen for hours not necessary.

Our quest for organic ingredients works out perfectly with the beautiful fish we find with our special selected suppliers.

Apart from these discoveries we more and more found the needed spices, herbs, garlic, wine, butter, olive oil and other ingredients outside the supermarket. That sweet apple straight from the fields, homegrown basil, a box of tomatoes direct from the farmer and fish from our dedicated supplier here in Scheveningen.

Along the way it also became clear that culinary cooking is no longer reserved for gourmet cooks. Preparing a culinary dish with fish within 30 minutes is very possible. We would like to invite you to join us in the wonderful world of fish!


At this moment we work for approximately 85% with organic or honest ingredients. We have tested (and tasted) all the recipes on our site and know that a family dinner no longer needs to be a stress factor. You don’t need to be a chef to create a fantastic fish dish.

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To us supplying you with organic or sustainable fish is all that matters. You buy all the other ingredients and try our recipes. We hope to encourage you to work with organic and honest products. Only that way you’ll find the right taste and help the environment!

Enjoy and please tell your friends about us.

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Monday-Friday order fresh and frozen fish before 13.00 hrs, same day delivery.

Order after 13.00 hrs, delivery next day. Saturday order before 10.00 hrs same day or on Sunday delivery!

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